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Closer July 6, 2011

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Why is it that the friends who live closest are always way too busy to spend any time with me, but the friends who live the farthest away are able (and WANT) to communicate on a regular basis?


The friends who live closest to me are always coming up with some excuse not to spend time together, flake at the last minute and say that they’ve all of a sudden become too busy when we do actually have plans, or somehow announce how busy they are and make me feel like I am the absolute last person on earth they would like to hang out with.


On the flip side, the friends who live farthest away are always sending me emails to keep in touch, chatting with me online to see how my day is going, calling me every so often to chat on a Sunday, or sending a letter or card just to say “hi” and let me know they’re thinking of me.


What is the deal with that?


Since when did friendships become a competition of who is the busiest person?  Sorry, but I don’t give awards for that competition, and my award is pretty good:  MY FRIENDSHIP.



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